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The objective of our client is to enable the engagement strategy centered on industry standards and accelerate the decision-making process in medical science.

The problem

  1. Ill-timed data updates: Infrequent manual data updates were made by their medical sales staff at the system's backend. It directly affected how medical professionals were classified, causing inaccurate segmentation.
  2. Resistance to adapt early interventions: Enhancing the way diabetes prevention programs are delivered so that people who are showing very early symptoms can participate as well.
  3. Automation need: It is challenging to grow the current data information exchange process since it is so slow, labor- and error-intensive.
  4. Different market tactics: Due to different compliance standards between nations and states, segmentation accounting for international regulatory frameworks was more difficult.

The Solution:

In partnership with our client, we created a cutting-edge technology solution to streamline and automate the current operations. Solution highlights include:

  1. Identification of high-performing Diabetes educators: Easy identification of top-performing educators using machine learning algorithms. 
  2. Patient interventions: Optimize the appropriate time for all medical interventions across different individuals participating in the program. 
  3. Train additional staff: Training additional staff members to lead the program can allow the program to reach more people and run more sessions simultaneously. 
  4. Use technology to reach more people: Online platforms, apps, and tele-health can reach people who may not be able to participate in in-person sessions or supplement in-person sessions with additional support.
  5. Data Analysis: a country-specific data quality analysis providing a comparison of the market entry and exit of existing and new healthcare provider sectors
  6. Collaborations: Collaborating with healthcare providers such as primary care doctors and nutritionists can help to refer patients to the program and provide additional support for participants.


Our technology tracks data completeness and consistency for all features and attributes that supplement segment information.

Solutions: Technology Infrastructure and DevOps Development

Technologies: ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS Cognito, AWS API Gateway, AWS DevOps, AWS Lambda, Redshift SQL, AWS S3, AWS Glue, Python, Tableau.

The Impact:

Our creative solution increased productivity by more than 60 person-hours, saving $80K annually in labor costs. Following health coach counselling, the DPP program has shown a 51.9% decrease in the incidence of hypoglycemia and a 9.45% decrease in fasting blood sugar levels after programs have been completed in numerous cohorts. Key benefits of the platforms are:

  1. Seamless expansion: The platform has expanded to more than 100+ cohorts. It is also designed in a way to expand to other therapeutic areas. 
  2. Unbiased Decision Making: Faster decision-making when estimating the duration of medical procedures.
  3. New Career path and opportunities: For aspiring dieticians, the platform offers fresh and exciting career opportunities while showcasing those with the greatest potential. 
  4. Effective engagements: For increased sales and lower expenses, a personalized marketing approach that targets each consumer segment.

Next project

Next project

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