Education Technology

With reliable and well-structured data, educators and administrators can use data analytics and visualisation tools to identify trends and insights that can inform decision making and improve educational outcomes.

The Challenge:

Our client’s goal was to give people with low-income families access to high-quality education. The optimum technology and solution for our client's online expansion strategy have to offer flexibility and scalability while solving the issues pertaining to the sector as below:

  1. Resistance to change:  When it comes to implementing cutting-edge technologies and services, the education sector has lagged behind. While many administrators and instructors are opposed to it, there are many common Edtech issues and impediments.
  2. Analytics and AI: Calculating the student's overall gain, taking into account how their grades, behavior, knowledge, and memory have improved; planning for the future are the most common barriers that must be considered. 
  3. Cost Optimization: One of the most challenging issues that educators and facilitators deal with is how to pay for the infrastructure needed for online or blended learning.


The Solution

Computics helped the client quickly resolve its technical, data, and operational concerns using a collaborative strategy. The difficulty of learning at scale can now be resolved thanks to technology, together with objective data-driven customization that takes into account the unique characteristics of each learner. Solution highlight includes: 

  1. Technological Innovations: Use cloud computing, which is a crucial cornerstone of digital transformation since it gives firms better mobility, more efficient processes, and lower costs.
  2. Employing and Developing Highly Skilled Personnel: The solution is designed in a way to cater to the up-skilling of graduates so that they can be successful in the workplace. 
  3. Reusable data pipelines: Cloud components and loosely linked architecture allow for the desired reusability between different departments.


A novel open-school communication and social learning platform that enables teachers, parents, and students to freely and successfully communicate on mobile phones served as the solution. 

Solutions: Technology Infrastructure and DevOps Development

Technologies: ReactJS, CakePHP, MongoDB, AWS DevOps, AWS Lambda, Redshift SQL, AWS S3, AWS Glue


The Impact:

The intention was to use technology to challenge established social learning paradigms. Historically, obtaining a mentor or good educational resources was sometimes difficult for students because of their location, race, or class. The majority of people came from the same neighbourhood and social circle. 

Key benefits include:

  1. Through the solution’s ability to link students with friends and teachers throughout the globe, the platform aids in removing these boundaries. A smartphone is all you require. 
  2. 4000+ professors from all over the world delivered their courses using our solution. 
  3. We have also worked with major Cab Mobility partners to make the advantages of the open school platform available to the families of the drivers. 

The solution is used by one of the State governments to reach kids in the remotest geographical areas for delivering some of its Education Initiatives.

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Next project

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